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      Hi y’all, Capt. Greg here, welcome to FISH SKINNY Charters & Guide Service.


     Being a true South Carolina coastal native and resident for over 45 years of the Myrtle Beach, North Myrtle Beach and Grand Strand area there’s not much saltwater around here that I haven’t had a hook in or explored from the coastal marshes to the gulf stream offshore. During my time on the water I have seen countless neat and interesting things and gained volumes of information or “skinny” useful in the pursuit of fish.


     Now stalking redfish in 12 to 24 inches of water is fishing skinny, but the knowledge of what fish(es) to target, the when, where, and how is what I call the “FISH SKINNY”.


     The areas I primarily venture into are the inlets and backwater estuaries from Ocean Isle Beach, NC to Little River Inlet, SC targeting redfish (aka: red drum or spot-tail bass), trout, flounder and more.


     A trip with me is always a private, personal outing for you or your party and can be custom-tailored for the first time, intermediate, or seasoned angler.



















     Eco Tour / Sightseeing Trips are an option for those not wanting to fish but desire a more casual excursion.


     Children / Kids are always welcome and I always cater to them so Dad and/or Mom can fish and/or relax.


     Relative to time of year, skill level of anglers and techniques applied, we may use artificial, live or fresh cut bait. Fly fishing opportunities do exist in our area depending on species sought, time of year, and tide cycles. I provide dependable premium brand equipment from the boat that serves as our platform to spinning rods and reels, braided line, and terminal tackle to help insure that when the bite happens… you catch ‘em.


     The safety of my clients is TOP PRIORITY! Next is that our time together is an enjoyable one. I assure you that every effort will be made to see that we all have fun, take in some nature / sights and get you a tug on the end of your line as we strive to learn some more “FISH SKINNY”.

                                                             Capt. Greg Holmes


Fish Skinny Charters can help you create memories today!

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"Know the Skinny...

...Get bit!"

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